Types of Signboards: A Comprehensive Guide


Despite their functional origins, signboards have evolved into essential corporate and
organizational communication tools. Signboards act as silent sales representatives, extending
a warm welcome, providing information, and displaying a brand’s identity. Businesses can
choose types of signboards to increase visibility, brand awareness, and product/service
promotion. The signboard style could either draw in or turn away potential customers. Here is
the list of the Top 10 types of LED signboards

Types of Signboards

1.LED Signboards

LED signboards’ energy economy, brightness, and versatility have changed the
advertisement industry. They can lighting companies or display moving advertisements.

2.Neon Message Boards

Neon signboards have a sentimental, vintage appeal. Neon Signboards are popular for
companies trying to establish a unique visual identity because of their eye-catching colors
and unique stand-out.

3.Wooden Signboards

Wooden signboards have a very natural and rustic feel. Companies often use them to project
a handcrafted and authentic appeal.

4.Digital Signboard

Innovative the future of printing digital signboards use modern technology to showcase accurate, fresh content.
They are perfect for places where real-time information is essential since they are simple to
update remotely.

5.Metal Signboards

Metal signboards have a sleek look and are durable. They are often used for branding
displays, information panels, a6.nd directional signs.

6.Acrylic Signboard

Acrylic signboards provide a sleek, contemporary appearance. They are adaptable to varied
branding requirements since they can be customized with different colors and forms.

7.Pylon Signboard

Pylon signboards are towering buildings often placed next to highways or monumental
property entrances. They support several enterprises and provide significant awareness.

8.Luminous Signboards

Lighting components are used on illuminated signboards to improve visibility, particularly at
night. They are available in several variations, such as LED and neon versions.

9.Directional Signage

People are directed to certain spots inside a building or region via directional signboards. For
offering clear guidance, they are essential.

10.Safety Signboards

Safety signboards provide crucial safety advice and cautions. They are often used on
construction sites, public areas, and workplaces.

Current Signboard Trends for Business

Most businesses use the modern indoor and outdoor advertising trend of LED and Neon glow
signboards to market their brands.

Benefits of LED Signboards: –

a) LED signs are energy-efficient owing to their low power usage. Their power usage is
far lower than standard lights.

b) Even in daylight, LED Signboards shine brightly. This brightness makes the signs
stand out and attract attention.

c) The longevity of an LED signboard is unusually lengthy, often lasting very long.
They are weatherproof and temperature-resistant.

Advantages of Neon Signboards:

Neon signboards have a unique, alluring light. This unique brightness is striking and unforgettable.

Neon signboards allow for imaginative and eye-catching designs with their brilliant colors. Businesses can pick colors that match their brand or themes.

The strong light of neon signboards makes them stand out. They attract visitors and communicate well in busy places.


Technology and design trends change signage. LED, neon or other signboards shape
companies’ visual identities and guide customers.


1.Describe the guidance signboard?
Travelers can obtain distance and direction information from the guidance signboard.

2.Which is used in advertisements?
Advertisement signs employ neon. Its glow makes it more attractive. Thus, neon is used in
advertising signboards.

3.Do LED signboards have color options?
LED signboards enable companies to match their signage to their brand.

3.Do neon signs break?
The glass tubes of neon signboards make them fragile, but appropriate installation and
maintenance may extend their lifespan.

4.Can LED signs be used outside?
Yes,  LED signboards are weatherproof and protected for outdoor usage.

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