15 Awesome Restaurant Sign Ideas

Apart from its food, what attracts you most about a restaurant? 

On interviewing regular restaurant goers we found that many of them are deeply influenced by the restaurant decor and ambience. The presence of crafty signage elevates the restaurant’s aesthetic appeal brightening its overall atmosphere. In fact, many restaurants design customized sign boards that align with the design style and theme of the restaurant. 

Restaurants not only use signages for their beatification but these are also crucial for enhancing their brand image, promoting special events and offers, and communicating key information to their potential customers. Most importantly,  thhey act as an effective yet budget-friendly marketing tool. Having signage near the entrance of your restaurant will help spread awareness about it and drive more visitors. 

In this blog, we explore 15 sign styles that are popularly used by restaurants across the globe. You can choose one from these options or even blend two or more styles to create something unique for your restaurant. 

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15 Awesome Restaurant Sign Ideas

Did you know that 80% of bar and restaurant owners say that digital signage boosts their sales? They use these to promote their foods and drinks and lure more customers to dine at the restaurant. Moreover, restaurants can use signs to form a good first impression and differentiate their brand from their competitors. Take McDonald’s for example, its iconic sign is one of the chief factors that help it stand out. Now that you are aware of the impact of signage on restaurants, let’s delve into 15 unique restaurant design ideas.

1. Vintage Neon Signs

If your restaurant exudes a retro vibe then vintage neon signs can be the best choice for you. Besides catching the attention of myriads of customers, vintage neon signs have a warm glow of neon lights which in turn creates a cozy and inviting atmosphere in and around your restaurant. You can use classic fonts and vibrant colours that capture the essence of bygone times.  These signs are best suited for dinners, pizzerias, and bars that wish to weave a nostalgic experience for their customers. Moreover, the unique handcrafted look of these signs will leave a lasting impression on your clients by adding character and authenticity to your diner. 

2. Chalkboard signs

Chalkboard signs are ideal for people who are looking for versatile and colorful signs. Since these involve writing with chalks, you can update these boards each day to display the special menus, events, or any seasonal message. These signs offer a rustic and casual feel making them ideal for cafes, bistros, creative, and bakeries. We suggest you choose coloured chalk to craft artistic chalk drawings and creative typography to make your sign visually appealing. Also, you can make the chalk signs interactive by adding elements that invite your customers to engage.   

3. Sophisticated Iron Signs

If you do not want an elaborate sign for your restaurant then minimalist iron signs are the way to go. These simple yet artistic signs elevate the aesthetics of your diner. The best part about this type of signboard is that you can easily position them on the side of your restaurant; they perfectly complement your main logo or storefront sign. You can specially construct these signs to make a space at the end for hanging decor elements like flower baskets. Additions like these will add a touch of nature to your signage further enhancing its appeal.

4. Illuminated Signs

Does your restaurant operate chiefly during the evening hours? 

Then illuminated signs are ideal for you. These signs ensure visibility even from a distance and during low-light conditions. LED lights are ideal for creating a dynamic effect. Moreover, you can completely customize it to incorporate the colour scheme and font style of your choice. Consider using backlit lettering or edge lighting to highlight your restaurant’s name and logo.  Illuminated signs work well for upscale dining establishments and modern eateries. 

Illuminated Signs

5. 3D Signs

Add depth and dimension to your restaurant’s facade with three-dimensional signs. Constructed from a variety of materials like wood and acrylic, 3D signs can be customized to create a striking visual impact and draw the attention of your target clients with moving images and videos. Moreover, these signs allow you to update your content in real-time to showcase current promotions, menu items, and special events. You can also include interactive elements like touchscreen menus in 3D designs. Owners of fast food chains, coffee shops, and casual dining restaurants can use 3D signs.

6. Hanging Signs

Also known as Blade signs, hanging signs are often seen projecting from a building’s facade; pedestrians walking along the sidewalks can easily spot these signs. Moreover, you can customize these signs to portray unique shapes and designs reflecting your restaurant’s personality. Hanging signs can be double-sided and catch people’s eyes from multiple directions.  Their prominent placement and unique style make your restaurant stand out amidst the surrounding establishments. Thus, hanging signs are ideal for restaurants positioned in areas with heavy foot traffic.

Hanging Signs

7. Acrylic Signs

Acrylic Signs

Are you looking for sleek and modern-looking signage? Well, then acrylic signs should be the right choice for you. Made from lightweight shatter-resistant plastic these signs are weather-durable and can be used both indoors and outdoors. Not only are they cost-effective but they also require minimum maintenance. Using acrylic signs with LED lighting is a good option for restaurants as it increases their visibility in low-light conditions and evening hours attracting more customers. You can cut the sign into unique shapes and customize it in any way that suits your restaurant brand. Acrylic signs are best suitable for upscale dining establishments and contemporary eateries.

8. Rustic Wooden Signs

Rustic signs are ideal for bringing a touch of warmth to your restaurant’s facade; made from wood or aged timber these signs have an earthy aesthetic infusing a welcoming feeling to the restaurant ambiance. These signs are perfect for restaurants that wish to convey a cozy and homely atmosphere. These signs can be carved, painted, or burned with your restaurant’s logo and name; the natural grains and imperfections of the wood give an identity to the signs making each stand out from the other. Rustic wooden signs are durable and can withstand rough weather conditions. They can be used in urban bistros and country-style eateries to convey the brand’s story and foster a connection with customers through their timeless, handcrafted look.

Rustic Wooden Signs

9. Exterior menu boards

Exterior menu boards

Every restaurant could use an exterior menu board. Showcasing full menus or regular specials these signs act as a little preview of the dinner experience that the people might enjoy in the restaurant. From chalkboards and cork boards to modern digital displays each board has a unique appeal. Adorned in high-contrast colours, and artistic letterings, exterior menu boards are perfect for drawing in the dinner crowd.  Moreover, these boards not only drive the existing customers of the restaurant but also invite more foot traffic into the restaurant by enhancing the curb appeal. 

10. Hand-painted Signs

If you are interested in adding a personal touch to your restaurant exterior then consider crafting hand-painted signs. You can participate in creating these signs and add elements of your choice to them. A good idea would be to humanize your brand by adding features like custom artwork, calligraphy, and intricate designs to your signage and making them reflect your brand’s character. Did you know hand-painted signs are ideal for artisanal cafes, boutique eaters, and places that value craftsmanship? They make your brand more authentic and bring it closer to people. Being handcrafted, they weave a sense of connection between your brand and customers.

11. Window Graphics

Window Graphics

Have you utilized your restaurant’s window space yet?
Consider using window graphics, they are a creative way to utilize your restaurant’s windows. These signages can be used to showcase your restaurant’s name, logo, operational hours, and promotional messages. Transparent, opaque or frosted, window graphics can be of any design you want it to be. They are an amazing tool for maximizing your brand visibility without occupying any extra space. Window graphics are commonly used by cafes, quick service restaurants, fine dining hotels, bakeries, ethnic and family restaurants, bistros, pop-up restaurants and more.

12. Awning Signs

Do you want a sign that will also act as a shade for your restaurant? 

Well then, awning signs can be a good sign. 

Awning signs provide both signage and shade for your restaurant’s entrance. You can also customize them with your restaurant’s name, logo, and colours creating a stylish look that aligns with your brand and restaurant vibe. Awnings are best to protect customers while they are entering or leaving your restaurant. These signs are perfect for cafes, bakeries, bistros, or any eating establishment with an outdoor seating area.

Awning Signs

13. Minimalist Signs

Minimalist Signs

Do you want a clean, uncluttered design?  Then minimalist signs are the way to go. They are perfect for enhancing the readability and appeal of your restaurant. You can create something sophisticated and modern-looking that is perfect for various types of dining setups. A good thing about minimalist designs is that they are stylish enough to remain relevant for a long time. Moreover, they require fewer materials and are simpler to manufacture thus making it easier to maintain them. They are perfect to highlight the main elements of your brand and reinforce brand recognition. You should choose a minimalist sign if you are interested in portraying a sleek and versatile brand image. They are the best choice for restaurants that want to exude an artistic vibe without doing anything luxurious. 

14. Mural Signs

Mural signs do more than just showcase your restaurant’s logo or name. You can make use of them to transform both the exterior and interior walls of your restaurant. Be it a large-scale painting, graffiti art, or a themed illustration reflecting your restaurant’s brand, a mural sign is perfect to feature them all. Not only are these signs highly eye-catching but they become the perfect landmark in a community. If you own themed restaurants or eateries then mural signs are perfect for weaving a vibrant and lively atmosphere. 

15. Tabletop & Countertop Signage

Tabletop Countertop Signage

Most restaurants are using tabletop and countersigns as a part of their marketing campaigns. These signs can be perfectly positioned on the restaurant tables and counters to highlight the day’s special menus, limited-time offers, upcoming offers, seasonal promotions, and other information about your restaurant. So, by keeping your customers informed about your offers and deals and making their dining experience seamless you can improve your sales while enhancing customer satisfaction. To add to this, not only are these signs cost-effective but also are aesthetically pleasing. These signs can also incorporate interactive elements making the dining experience memorable for all types of diners.


Realize it or not signages are becoming an integral part of businesses. Be it a hospital or a restaurant, signage is crucial. They are not just used to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your restaurant but are also a cost-effective tool for marketing and branding. Gone are the days when you ran out of choices for picking a signboard. Whether you prefer the charm of a vintage design style or the modern appeal of minimalism, there is signage of every style. Each type of signage offers a unique set of benefits. As a restaurant owner, you should navigate your requirements and choose a sign that aligns with your business objective, customer’s taste, restaurant brand and atmosphere. In this blog, we have shared 15 awesome restaurant sign ideas for you to take inspiration from. 

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FAQ: Restaurant Sign Ideas

1. What are some of the most durable materials for restaurant signs?

You can use materials like acrylic and treated wood for creating long-lasting signages. These materials can withstand extreme weather conditions and last for years.

2. How can I make my restaurant sign more noticeable?

Here are two things that you can do 

  • Use bright colours, lighting, and unique designs 
  • Monitor the placement of the board to ensure that it is visible from a distance and different angles.
3. Can I use a digital style for my restaurant?

Of course. Digital signs are highly versatile but they work the best in high-traffic areas and urban environments. Changing displays on these boards are ideal for attracting people’s attention.

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